Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pd catalyzed rxn

Heck reaction
Pd/phosphine ligand. Although Pd(OAc)2 was used, Pd (0) is the real catalyst. pd mirror was formed on the wall of the reaction vessel when I did the reaction.

Pd(MeCN)Cl2 mediated cyclization of beta-ketoester was not successful in my hand. probably the reason is the unpure homemade cat.

Pd(OAc)2 catalyzed cyclization of TES enolate to alkenes.


milkshake said...

I was making PdCl2.2MeCN myself, about 15 yeas ago, and it was very easy - a PdCl2 solid (of a dubious quality) suspension in an HPLC-grade acetonitrile (large volume like 400mL/g if I remember correctly) was heated to reflux, the obtained yellow solution was filtered while hot from the insoluble impurities, the filtrates were cooled and concentrated - PdCl2.2MeCN precipitated as a nice yellow solid.

The material is quite acidic, I used it as a catalyst in acetone solution for a selective removal of OTBS from primary OH. (Its in the Greene book, dont ask about exact mechanism)

Weiwei TIAN said...

thank you for your comment.
I really wish I knew this when I did the rxn. any way, it is good to know.