Monday, September 3, 2007

CeCl3 assisted Grignard rxn

Organomagnisum compound can react with CeCl3 to form some complex so the basisity is reduced.
both hinded and enoliazable ketones can be reactive under CeCl3.
1,2 addtion in most of the cases.
CeCl3 drying process: 90C 4hr, 140-150C 2hr under high vacuum. (0.1-0.2 Torr)
several conditions available:
sonication is better than stirring, 1 hr at rt is good enough.
grignard added into CeCl3 at -78C, then ketone.
2.CeCl3 with TiCl4
Even beta-ketone ester can be alkylated to the the beta-alcohol ester! Only successful when gama position is phenyl.
3.CeCl3.2xLiCl in THF

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